True Professional Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Here at Catskill Mountain Kitchen and Bath Inc. we are true professional kitchen designers and bathroom designers. When your kitchen or bathroom design has been created, you will receive a complete set of architectural style plans for your kitchen.

Designing Your Kitchen & Bathroom

It can be intimidating to design a new kitchen or bathroom, but Catskill Mountain Kitchen and Bath Inc. is here to help you. Your first step is to call Catskill Mountain Kitchen and Bath Inc. and schedule a free, complimentary consultation. We are your best resource to examine your existing space, evaluate your wants and needs, and know what's a fad and what's a style.

A great kitchen or bathroom remodel plan can take a while to develop. Inspiration for your kitchen design or bathroom design involves two main areas; the size of the room and how it will function. Also "decoratives" including colors, materials, and components of your kitchen or bathroom. The best place to start is the footprint of your room. Do you want to open up your space, move walls, move utilities such as electric or plumbing? Once you have the general concept down, you need to determine where things are going to go. Now is the time to start planning on your inspiration for what you want your kitchen or bathroom to be once it is completed.

A Stunning 360° Panoramic View

Once you've decided what you want your new kitchen design or bathroom design to look like, we will create a 360° panoramic view for you. Once you've viewed it you'll have an opportunity to make changes to the design long before we install your new kitchen or bath. This step will save you money. Deciding to make changes during construction can be expensive, but seeing it in a panoramic 360° view you can decide what idea is working for you and what's not. Easier to make the changes to the blueprints.

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